Maybelline Big Shot Mascara Review

I received this product free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


The Packaging

Probably the only thing I enjoyed about this product was the packaging. It’s cool and kind of bullet-shaped and the gold and royal purple tones hint at exclusivity and good taste. The mascara wand was a fun (albeit unnecessary) shape with a pretty standard brush head for mascara. Unfortunately, this is probably the only thing I like about Maybelline’s Big Shot Mascara.


The Product

I am brutally honest with my reviews because I feel that in today’s age of social media marketing it is commonplace for companies to pay or incentivize reviewers so that they’ll say nice things about a product that aren’t necessarily true.

That being said, I truly disliked Maybelline’s Big Shot Mascara. I don’t care for the feel of waterproof mascaras in general and Maybelline’s product was no different. The texture going on was very sticky-almost like I was brushing liquified plastic onto my lashes. I will say it gave me some volume, but not enough to ┬ámake up for all of the negatives. I felt uncomfortable instantly and that feeling remained with me for the entirety of my workday. I noticed an itching sensation about midway through the day which made me wish that I could just pull the mascara off of my eyelashes. But for the sake of the review, I kept it on through the rest of my workday and a cycling class.

When I attempted to remove the mascara, I noticed that my eyelashes were falling out. Anything that makes your eyelashes fall out cannot be good for you. I use Garnier’s Micellar Water to remove makeup and it’s usually extremely effective, but for this mascara it didn’t do a thing. Only when I brought out my coconut oil did the mascara yield to a remover.

Given the feel of the mascara and the hard to remove nature of the product, I began to question its toxicity. I found it extremely frustrating when I began to research the ingredients list of the Big Shot Mascara because (big surprise) the majority of the ingredients are considered harmful and carcinogenic. I’m certainly not an expert, but when I find an Acrylate (a carcinogenic chemical used in acrylic nails) near the top of the ingredient list in a mascara I definitely become concerned.

To Conclude

I would not recommend purchasing the Big Shot Mascara at all. I personally value knowing that my product is made with non-carcinogenic ingredients, so this was a huge mark against Maybelline. I also think that it was a bit too harsh as it made my lashes fall out and felt super plastic-y. Spend a few extra dollars on a product with fewer carcinogens and better effectiveness, your body will thank you.