About This Modern Hippie

lpr-photoWho Am I?

A question I’m rarely willing to answer in definite terms, I believe that identity is free-flowing. I believe in the power of the natural world and the beauty of going with the flow. When asked for my five-year plan I don’t answer in absolute terms, instead answering with goals I’d like to attain in the next five years. I am grounded in learning, exploration, and growth.

In literal terms? I’m an MBA graduate with an undergraduate degree in Economics and French language. In other words, on paper the farthest from what you’d consider a hippie to be.

But in my experience, what you see on paper rarely offers the complete story. I’m also a passionate proponent of health and wellness, competing primarily in triathlon and running events. I’m a certified Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instructor and Cycling Instructor through ASFA and I’ve been teaching Group Fitness classes since 2013. In 2017 I will pursue my RYT-200 as well.

But of course, there’s always more to the story. I’m a proponent of natural wellness and healthy living. Essential oils are my daily medicine. Yoga and Meditation are my escapes and reprieves from life’s daily stressors and a journey deeper within myself. I experiment with Whole30 and Keto for fitness and wellness. I’m a believer in free expression and fully support others’ expression. I’ve been known to paint, dance, write, sing, cook- whatever lets my soul shine. You can find me solo at a music festival or art event enjoying freedom from the bindings of the so called “real world”.

In other words, I’m a hippie soul caught in a modern world.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


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