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On Intuition

What does it mean to feel “led” to do something? On the spiritual level, I’ve heard of feeling led by direct communication from a higher power. This has never been a reality to me. I’ve never heard a directive spoken into my ear from God, g-d, the universe, anyone. I have, however, had overwhelming moments … Continue reading On Intuition

Hike It: Nature Conservancy’s Fortune’s Cove Preserve

A few of my favorite features of a hike are solitude, terrain features, and views. I love the meditative quality of being alone with nature coupled with the reminders of nature’s majesty. Fortune’s Cove offered some serious solitude, fun ascents, and pretty glimpses of the valley. Hidden off of 29 North in Lovingston, Fortune’s Cove … Continue reading Hike It: Nature Conservancy’s Fortune’s Cove Preserve

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